About Me

Welcome to the MH Photography website, I am delighted you have chosen to look around.

My name is Mike, I am a hobby photographer focusing on capturing candid and natural images of the world around me.

I am a visually impaired person with a congenital defect that greatly reduces my visual distance and acuity. I have worked hard to overcome the daily challenges of being partially sighted in a world that is so visually focused. It is also my aim to demonstrate that it’s possible to break down some of the barriers in life, and to be able to enjoy some of the activities that normal able-bodied people do.

I found photography to be an activity that has brought me pleasure, relaxation, and taken me down an avenue of creativity I was not aware of previously. For almost 15 years I have been exploring a new vision of the world, captuing a range of photographs and different subjects.

My inspiration has come from a variety of visually impaired photographers who have developed their craft into careers, showing that sight loss does not prevent people from being creative and artisitic. People such as Ian Treherne and David Katz, who shares the same eye condition as me, have spoken out and shown their amazing talent can be equal to that of those with 20/20 vision.

The learning curve has been steep, but very enjoyable. Photography gives me a view of the world not possible through my own eyes, allowing me to see greater richness of the world around me.

I hope you enjoy viewing my images on this site and I welcome feedback too.

If you feel a connection to my work and and would to have me photograh something for you, please use the contact page to make an enquiry.